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It is a fact that for fourty years, since the first store opened at the Marina Royale in Saint-Martin, this family business has remained true to the principles that have earned respect and kept the loyalty from a demanding clientele.

To some people, a watch is just a watch: a device that will tell you the time. In fact, Watchmaking is an art that requests the most rigorous know-how and a constant updating of knowledge as the precision mechanisms become more and more complex and sophisticated.

With the Erb family, who founded the Goldfinger Jewelry stores established throughout the islands, the profession has been handed down from father to son. The son, before he turned his attention to more modern timepieces, nourished a passion for restoring old clocks. Yes, this is a family of true professionals, as those who have the privilege of being invited into their workshop are immediately aware. In this magical place, the most traditional tools are to be found side by side with the latest technology needed to keep pace with the world of Haute Horlogerie nowadays.

They regularly participate in training courses to learn about the new movements developed by each of the Maison that they represent. They remain familiar with the mechanisms of the watches they offer to their clients, competent to judge the quality of the materials used and convince you that the finishing is not only adapted to the purpose of the timepiece but also to the climate it must withstand. Finally, they can reassure you that they will be able to ensure efficient maintenance of the marvelous acquisition you will make in their store.

Besides the choices they make among the finest names of watchmaking, the selection of the models that they will display in their windows are grounded in the rigorous criteria of quality and reliability.
Furthermore, Goldfinger is a creator of exclusive jewelry. Although their designers may be in France, in Switzerland, in Italy, in Israel or elsewhere, the choice of stones, the quality of the precious metals and the meticulous finishing are all defined according to the elegance and refinement, essential to such remarkable pieces.

Goldfinger is also judiciously developing its product line. Constantly seeking to offer the highest quality with the greatest elegance, the stores have become the exclusive representative of the most refined smoking accessories offered by the legendary houses of Dupont trademark “snap” is still appreciated by a faithful following around the world. There are also some die-hards who will always prefer the elegance of the hand-written word beautifully executed with a quality pen to the speedy thumbing of a mobile phone. They will find a trusty companion in a Goldfinger store.

Finally, Goldfinger is extending its name through the Beauty industry with two stores in St Barthelemy and one in St Martin. The selection of the classiest brands is done according to the exigence of the clientele.

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