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Ocean Spirit magazine #12

Ocean Spirit conjures up every aspect of the sea and the variety of the articles presented invites the reader to discover the mystery and diversity of the marine world...
Ocean Spirit, is an invitation to pure evasion. So, just cast off and sail away...
Bon voyage !

Celebrated by poets and painted by artists while others just dream of it, trapped between four walls in the middle of a continent.

On our islands, the sea is the salt of life.
It is the backdrop of our lives and we live by its whims.
The sea brings us sailors and always takes them back.
She creates a world of her own and fills it with creatures that are sometimes strange and always fascinating.

She is part of our daily life as islanders and we couldn't imagine being deprived for an instant of the salt air that follows her breezes onto our land.
Nor of the promise of adventure nourished by a glimpse of her far horizon.

To live on the seashore is an exciting adventure that the team here at Ocean Spirit never tires of recounting.

Welcome to these pages where you will learn of the thousand and one ways to answer the siren's call.

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