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Ocean Spirit magazine #13

Ocean Spirit conjures up every aspect of the sea and the variety of the articles presented invites the reader to discover the mystery and diversity of the marine world...
Ocean Spirit, is an invitation to pure evasion. So, just cast off and sail away...
Bon voyage !

On our salt-sprayed islands, we joyfully pay daily homage to the vast blue depths that define our landscape and that we have been celebrating annually for 13 years with each new edition of Ocean Spirit magazine.

Within these pages, the gentle murmur of the waves will invite you to set sail on the high seas or simply revel in quiet contemplation as you caress a smooth pebble washed up on the shore.
Captivating and yet capricious, the waters around us offer huge rewards but also impose their own rules.
They give or take away, in accordance with the laws of nature.
They require both attention and protection, because of the pressure exerted on the natural environment by so many human activities.

And so we honor this idyllic turquoise setting, the perfect environment for luxurious living, sporting activities and simply chilling out, as that is just what our little paradise is made for.
However, we also want to highlight here the fragility of the marine ecosystems and the need to treat them with respect at this time in human history when nature is showing signs of exhaustion.
Surely the best way of expressing our passion for the sea is to show our love by respecting its rhythm and its needs.

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