An invitationto pure evasionBon voyage !

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Ocean Spirit conjures up every aspect of the sea and the variety of the articles presented invites the reader to discover the mystery and diversity of the marine world...
Ocean Spirit, is an invitation to pure evasion. So, just cast off and sail away... Bon voyage !

Off our shores, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet and mingle in a constant and unrestrained embrace that ebbs and flows to the rhythm of the waves, the currents and the trade winds.
Seen from the land, infinite shades of turquoise and blue join in a Creole dance offering a magical balletic spectacle that is constantly renewed.
The bountiful waters that rise and fall in frisky whitecaps on the eastern shores are always favorable to the practice of any discipline than needs a breath of wind, while the calmer waters of the western side are more suited to restful tropical beach lounging.
However, threatened increasingly every day by the, sometimes blind, commercial practices of our society, the voiceless sea and ocean suffer silently, risking suffocation in a final gasp of salty air. Under the seemingly benevolent gaze of those who know that nothing is eternal if we fail to take care of it, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean offer themselves generously to the pleasure of sailors, divers and regatta enthusiasts while demanding nothing in return, except perhaps a little love.
Conscious of these vital issues, the “modern users” of the waters that surround us, whether for amateur or professional pursuits, are careful to preserve these exceptional treasures that form our cocoon.

This year, as always, we invite you to pay homage to our Sea and our Ocean through the always beautiful and luminous photography in this 2019 edition of Ocean Spirit. Anchors aweigh !

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